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About me

Artist statement:

Rhythm, textures and movement are important parameters to me, as my work has been inspired by the expressive freedom I used to feel about making music, a feeling that I related with a playful childhood state that I wanted to translate into images. I always felt a little bit limited by the use of reality in photography, so I'm constantly searching for abstraction through the use of technology,  but most importantly using human elements: experimentation, improvisation, imperfection, imagination.

Human perception is a fascinating subject to me and I always try to use it as an important element in my creations. The fact that my images don't have further manipulation usually changes the viewer's perception, sometimes introducing them to a desire for finding a piece of reality or perhaps an explanation of it, while some others simply submerge into a space of imagination and creation of their own new universes around the image.


I'm a Chilean professional photographer based in the U.K. My first experiences with photography were related to music, I started as a show photographer, and fast moved into musicians and band studio portraits, documentaries, and developing work in the video field too. Looking forward to developing a more personal photographic project I started on my path through a search for abstraction, dabbling in the macro world. I found myself trying to decompose images to the extreme but never achieving the feeling that I was looking for. One day, going down a path that I never imagined would lead to what it is now (I was just thinking about technical side of photography) I discovered that long exposure combined with my own movements of the camera could create those unimaginable abstract images that I was so hopeful to find, and that made me feel like a child again! I fell in love with them and I still feel grateful that sense of wonder that hasn't stopped to this day. I kept developing this technique in silence for years feeling like it was something very personal. After my university years, I started teaching lighting studio techniques in the same institution and at some point, I shared my work with some students. Their reaction was something unique that made me understand the effect that the human element adds to our creations and to the way we perceive art. I was amazed to discover that the same sense of wonder was being experienced by them, just by knowing that this was created by human movements, a camera and lights, and not by a computer.
At that point, I realised that this work needed to be out there to become alive, so I started experimenting with various ways of displaying them. I tried projections, light-boxes and prints, experimenting while making my first 2 exhibitions in Chile, but it wasn't until I was in the U.K. that I experienced the perfect way for me to exhibit them: a wonderful metallic photo paper that gives the images back the depth and vibrancy they were created with, bringing them to life.

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